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Corrección de continuidad de Yates

Horror vacui

Yates’ continuity correction Throughout the history of art we repeatedly encounter the known as horror vacui that, for those of you who were not so fortunate to study Latin in your young years, it is nothing more than the fear…
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Chi-square homogeneity test

Counting sheep

Chi-square homogeneity test There’s nothing more unfortunate that being a black sheep. We know that the term is commonly used to refer to someone who stands out in a group or a family, usually due to a negative trait. But…
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calculating expected values

The why and wherefores

Calculating expected values Do you remember the last post about girls with their level of education and their unhealthy habits?. I´ll do a brief reminder for the sake of those with a loose memory. As it happened, we interviewed 585…
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chi-square for independence

Studying or working?

Chi-square test for independence I guess this phrase doesn’t have any meaning to the youngest of you or, at best, it will make you laugh as old fashioned. But I’m sure it brings back good memories to those of the…
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chi-square for goodness of fit

Solomonic decisions

Chi-square for goodness of fit How much would not have paid King Solomon to know something more about calculating odds!. And he was quite wise. But surely, if he had had a minimal understanding of statistics, his decisions would have…
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