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variables cualitativas

Columns, sectors, and an illustrious Italian

Graphical representation of qualitative variables. Two of the most used graphs for qualitative variables are described: the pie chart and the bar chart. Pareto’s graph is also mentioned. When you read the title of this post, you can ask yourself with what…

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gráfico de sectores

Do not eat too many pies

The pie chart Pies, how good they are! The problem is that, as you know, what is not frowned upon is fattening or causes cancer. And pies could not be the exception, so be careful to avoid eating too much…

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As an egg to a chestnut

Bar plot and histogram What an egg and a chestnut look alike?. If we fired our imagination we can give some answers as absurd as stilted. Both are more or less rounded, the two can serve as food and both…

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