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frequentist statistics

Rioja vs Ribera

Frequentist vs Bayesian statistics This is one of the typical debates that one can have with a brother-in-law during a family dinner: whether the wine from Ribera is better than that from Rioja, or vice versa. In the end, as…
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the meaning of p-value

Worshipped, but misunderstood

The meaning of p-value Statistics wears most of us who call ourselves “clinicians” out. The knowledge on the subject acquired during our formative years has long lived in the foggy world of oblivion. We vaguely remember terms such as probability…
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Conditionals transposition fallacy

The fallacy of small p

Conditionals transposition fallacy A fallacy is an argument that appears valid but is not. Sometimes it’s used to deceive people and to give them a pig in a poke, but most of the time it is used for a much…
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