Tag Normal distribution

Management of non-normal data

Everything is not normal

Management of non-normal data According to the dictionary, one thing is considered normal when it’s in its natural state or conforms to standards set in advance. And this is its normal meaning. But, like many other words, “normal” has many…
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quantiles graph

Some comparisons are not odious

Theoretical quantiles graph It’s often said that comparisons are odious. And the truth is that it is not appropriate to compare people or things together, since each has its values and there’s no need of being slighted for doing something…
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Probability distributions

The big family

Probability distributions Moviegoers do not be mistaken. We are not going to talk about the 1962 year movie in which little Chencho get lost in the Plaza Mayor at Christmas and it takes until summer to find him, largely thanks…
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Normal distribution

The most famous of bells

The normal distribution The dictionary says that a bell is a simple device that makes a sound. But a bell can be much more. I think there’s even a plant with that name and a flower with its diminutive. But…
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