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vote counting method

The failure of democracy

Vote counting method in reviews No need for anyone to worry. Today we’re not going to talk about politics. Instead, today will talk about something far more interesting. Today we will discuss voting trials in narrative reviews. What am I…
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Conditionals transposition fallacy

The fallacy of small p

Conditionals transposition fallacy A fallacy is an argument that appears valid but is not. Sometimes it’s used to deceive people and to give them a pig in a poke, but most of the time it is used for a much…
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The consolation of not being worse

Equivalence and non-inferiority We live in a frantic and highly competitive world. We are continually inundated with messages about how good it is to be the best in this and that. As indeed it is. But most of us soon…
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Having a large n, who needs a small p?

Statistical significance vs clinical relevance The cult of p is one of the most widespread religions in Medicine. His believers always look for the p-values when reading a scientific paper and feel great devotion when they see that p is…
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diagnostic tests

All that glitters is not gold

Assessment of diagnostic tests A brother-in-law of mine is very concerned with a dilemma he’s gotten into. The thing is that he’s going to start a small business and he wants to hire a security guard to stay at the…
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Fragility index

The fragility of the EmPress

Fragility index One of the things that amazes me the most about statistics is its aspect of soundness, especially if we consider that it continuously moves in the realm of chance and uncertainty. Of course, the problem isn’t statistics’ but…
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Comparison of proportions

All roads lead to Rome

Comparison of proportions This expression has its origin in the crazy habit that came to Romans for making roads connecting the capital of the Empire with the outlying provinces. There was a time any road took you to Rome, hence…
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Clinical relevance

Life is not rosy

Clinical relevance We, the so-called human beings, tend to be too categorical. We love to see things in black and white, when the reality is that life is neither black nor white, but manifest itself in a wide range of…
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hypothesis contrast

The false coin

Hypothesis contrast. Statistical significance Today we’re going to continue playing with coins. In fact, we’re going to play with two coins, one of them a fair coin and the other one faker than Judas Iscariot, loaded to give more heads…
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