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Little ado about too much

Critical appraisal of meta-analysis Yes, I know that the saying goes just the opposite. But that is precisely the problem we have with so much new information technology. Today anyone can write and make public what goes through his head,…
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Critical appraisal

The three pillars of wisdom

Critical appraisal overview Surely all of us, with a greater frequency tan we would like, have found a small hole in our knowledge that made us doubt about the diagnostic or treatment steps to take with any of our patients.…
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critical appraisal

To what do you attribute it?

Critical appraisal of etiology/harm studies It seems like only yesterday. I began my adventures at the hospital and had my first contacts with The Patient. And, by the way, I didn’t know much about diseases but I knew without thinking…
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Frequency measures

About chalk and cheese

Frequency measures Many times we find things that people insist on mixing and confusing though they are clearly different. This is when we often resort to the saying that they “are like chalk and cheese”, which actually means they are…
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