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The King under review

Critica appraisal of treatment studies We all know that the randomized clinical trial is the king of interventional methodological designs. It is the type of epidemiological study that allows a better control of systematic errors or biases, since the researcher…
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Regular customers

Re-randomization in clinical trials We saw in a previous post that sample size is very important. The sample should be the right size, neither more nor less. If too large, we are wasting resources, something to keep in mind in…
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The necessity of chance

Randomization Democritus said that everything that exists in this world is the result of chance and necessity. And Monod, who thought the same, made use of the way chance interweaves with our destiny to explain that we are no more…
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To see well you must be blind

Masking It’s said that there’s none so blind than those that refuse to see. But it’s also true that wanting to see too much can be counterproductive. Sometimes it is better to see just the essential and indispensable. That’s what…
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