Regression model diagnostics

Don’t leave things half done

Regression model diagnostics We live in a crazy world, always running from here to there and always with a thousand things in mind. Thus, it is not uncommon for us to leave many of our tasks half finished. This will be of little importance in some occasions, but there will be others in which leaving things half done will make the other half we have done useless. And this is precisely what happens when we apply this sloppiness to our topic of today: we do an experiment, we calculate a regression line and we just start applying it, forgetting to…
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Corrección de continuidad de Yates

Horror vacui

Yates’ continuity correction Throughout the history of art we repeatedly encounter the known as horror vacui that, for those of you who were not so fortunate to study Latin in your young years, it is nothing more than the fear of emptiness. There are numerous examples of pieces of art in which an obsessive effort can be seen to fill the entire space with any element, leaving nothing to emptiness. Think of the Islamic decoration or the art of the Rococo period or, above all, the ornate decoration of the Victorian period. And why do I tell you all this?…
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Simple correlation

Its bark is worse than its bite

Simple correlation One of my neighbors has a dog that is barking the whole damn day. It is the typical dog so tiny it is barely a palm from the ground, which does not prevent it from barking at an incredible wild volume, not to mention the unpleasantness of its “voice” pitch. With these dwarf dogs it is what usually happens, they bark at you like demon-possessed as soon as they see you, but, according to popular wisdom, you can rest easy because the more they bark at you, the less likely they are to bite you. Come to think…
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Análisis multivariante

Exoteric or esoteric?

Multivariate analysis There are days when I feel biblical. Other days I feel mythological. Today I feel philosophical and even a little Masonic. And the reason is that the other day it gave me to wonder what the difference between exoteric and esoteric were, so I consulted with that friend of us all who knows so much about everything, our friend Google. It kindly explained to me that both terms are similar and usually explain two aspects of the same doctrine. Exoterism refers to that knowledge that is not limited to a certain group in the community that deals with…
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Sample size in survival studies

By your actions they will judge you

Sample size in survival studies Today you are going to forgive me, but I am in a mood a little biblical. And I was thinking about the sample size calculation for survival studies and it reminded me of the message that Ezekiel transmits to us: according to your ways and your works they will judge you. Once again, you will think that from all the buzzing of evidence-based medicine in my head I have gone a little nuts, but if you hold on a bit and continue reading, you will see that the analogy can be explained. A little introduction One of the…
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