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sample size

A strenuous effort, though unnecessary

Factors that condition the sample size Nowadays, the teaching of Medicine and, in general, teaching at the university level, is quite well defined and standardized. And this is not only at a national level, but also at the level of…
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Sample size in survival studies

By your actions they will judge you

Sample size in survival studies Today you are going to forgive me, but I am in a mood a little biblical. And I was thinking about the sample size calculation for survival studies and it reminded me of the message that Ezekiel transmits…
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frequentist statistics

Rioja vs Ribera

Frequentist vs Bayesian statistics This is one of the typical debates that one can have with a brother-in-law during a family dinner: whether the wine from Ribera is better than that from Rioja, or vice versa. In the end, as…
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degrees of freedom

Freedom in degrees

Degrees of freedom Freedom is one of those concepts that everyone can understand easily, but it is extremely difficult to define. If you don’t believe me, try to state a definition of freedom and you will see that it is…
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power and sample size

Size and power

Power and sample size Two associated qualities. And very enviable too. Especially when it comes to scientific studies (what were you thinking about?). Although there’re more factors involved, as we’ll see in a moment. Let’s suppose we are measuring the…
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