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meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy

An unfairly treated genius

Critical appraisal of meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy The genius that I am talking about in the title of this post is none other than Alan Mathison Turing, considered one of the fathers of computer science and a forerunner of modern…
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sensitivity and especificity

The guard’s dilemma

Sensitivity and specificity The world of medicine is a world of uncertainty. We can never be sure of anything at 100%, however obvious it may seem a diagnosis, but we cannot beat right and left with ultramodern diagnostics techniques or…
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The imperfect screening

Diagnostic screening Nobody is perfect. It is a fact. And a relief too. Because the problem is not to be imperfect, it is inevitable. The real problem is to believe one being perfect, to be ignorant of one’s limitations. And…
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diagnostic tests

All that glitters is not gold

Assessment of diagnostic tests A brother-in-law of mine is very concerned with a dilemma he’s gotten into. The thing is that he’s going to start a small business and he wants to hire a security guard to stay at the…
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Diagnostic odds ratio

A never-ending story

Diagnostic odds ratio Today we won’t talk about dragons that take you for a walk if you get on its hump. Nor we’ll talk about men with feet on their heads or any other creature from the delusional mind of…
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youden's index

The turn of the screw

Youden’s index Have you read the novel by Henry James?. I recommend it. A classical in the horror genre, with a dead and evil governess who appears as a ghost and with turbid relationships in the background. But today I’m…
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