The tribulations of maturity

Correct use of NNT. The NNT was designed to assess the beneficial effect of a treatment to reduce the risk of an unpleasant event occurring in an intervention group of interest, always with respect to what was observed in a…

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Fisher's exact test

A story of tea and numbers

Fisher’s exact test. Fisher’s test is the exact method used when you want to study if there is an association between two qualitative variables, that is, if the proportions of one variable are different depending on the value of the…

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número restante en riesgo

And what about me?

Number remaining at risk. The number needed to treat is the most widely used measure of clinical impact in the analysis of the results of a clinical trial. However, the prognosis of patients in whom the outcome under study does…

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Diagnóstico del modelo de regresión

Don’t leave things half done

Regression model diagnostics. Once we obtain the simple linear regression model, we have to proceed to its validation and to the diagnosis of the model. The first case consists of checking that the coefficients are statistically significant. The second is…

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