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ecological fallacy

Chocolate’s fallacy

Ecological fallacy White, black, filling, in ounces, to the cup, powdered, in ice cream, with hazelnuts, with almonds, with fruits, milky, pure, fondant, bitter, in pies, in candy, in hot or cold drinks, etc., etc., etc. I like them all.…

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Confounding variable

The backdoor

Confounding variable I wish I had a time machine!. Think about it for a moment. We should not have to work (we would have won the lottery several times), we could anticipate all our misfortunes, always making the best decision…

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Residuals management

Residuals We live in a nearly subsistence economy. We do not throw anything away. Even if there’s no choice but to waste something, it is rather recycled. Yes, recycling is a good practice, with its ecological and economic advantages. And…

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