Critical appraisal

  1. Structured clinical question. PICO.
    Those who have no questions…
  2. Bibliographic search (I). Pubmed. Simple search.
    The oyster with the thounsand pearls.
  3. Bibliographic search (II). MeSH terms.
    The jargon of the search engine.
  4. Bibliographic search (III). Advanced search.
  5. Bibliographic search (IV). Filters. Clinical Queries.
    Gathering the gold nuggets.
  6. PubMed’s new interface 2020.
    Like a hypermarket.
  7. Bibliographic search (V). Other search engines. TRIP Database.
    The hereafter.
  8. Resolve a clinical scenario.
    Assembling the parts.
  9. Crtitical appraisal overview. Validity, relevance y applicability.
    The three pillars of wisdom.
  10. Critical appraisal of treatment studies.
    The King under reviw.
  11. Critical appraisal of diagnostic studies.
    You have to know what you are looking for.
  12. Critical appraisal of clinical prediction rules.
    The crystal ball.
  13. Critical appraisal of prognostic articles..
    Doc, is this serious?.
  14. Critical appraisal of etiology/harm articles..
    To what do you attribute it?
  15. Critical appraisal of systematic reviews..
    Little ado about too much.
  16. Systematic review and meta-analysis (I). Systematic reviews. Homogeneity.
    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  17. Meta-analysis (II). Heterogeneity. Cochran’s Q. I2. H2. Galbraith’s plot. L’Abbé’s plot. Meta-regression. Sensitivity analysis.
    Variety is not always the spice of life.
  18. Meta-analysis (III). Fixed effects model. Random effects model. Heterogeneity.
    Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.
  19. Meta-analysis (IV). Results. PRISMA statement. Forest plot.
    Don’t let you can’t see the wood for the tress.
  20. Meta-anaylisis (V). Publication bias. Funnel plot. Begg’s test. Egger’s test.
    Funnel asymmetry.
  21. Meta-analysis (VI). Publication bias. Recovery bias. Rosenthal’s fail-safe N. Orwin’s fail-safe N.
    A bias by absence
  22. Critical appraisal of ecologic studies.
    King Kong versus Godzilla.
  23. Critical appraisal of economic evaluation studies.
    Powerful gentleman.
  24. Critical appraisal of qualitative studies.
    There is another world, and it is this one.
  25. Critical appraisal of hybrid designs.
  26. Critical appraisal of meta-analysis of diagnostic accurray.
    An unfairly treated genius.
  27. Critical appraisal of network meta-analysis.
    The power of transitive property.
  28. EQUATOR Network. CONSORT. STARD. QUADAS. STROBE. PRISMA. Statements. Checklists.
    An alphabet soup.
  29. Manual for critical appraisal of scientific documents.
    I have come here to talk about my book.
  30. Critical appraisal of documents with machine learning.
    The intelligent decalogue.
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