Tag Bayes’ theorem

frequentist statistics

Rioja vs Ribera

Frequentist vs Bayesian statistics This is one of the typical debates that one can have with a brother-in-law during a family dinner: whether the wine from Ribera is better than that from Rioja, or vice versa. In the end, as…
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bayes' theorem

A case of misleading probability

Bayes’ theorem Today we are going to see another of those examples where intuition about the value of certain probabilities plays tricks on us. And, for that, we will use nothing less than Bayes’ theorem, playing a little with conditioned…
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bayes rule

The stigma of guilt

Bayes’ rule Sometimes statistical concepts are useful to other facets of life. For example, imagine that a burglary occurs in a bank and the thief has entered through a small hole in the wall. Now keep on imagining that five…
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