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the meaning of p-value

Worshipped, but misunderstood

The meaning of p-value Statistics wears most of us who call ourselves “clinicians” out. The knowledge on the subject acquired during our formative years has long lived in the foggy world of oblivion. We vaguely remember terms such as probability…
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The cheaters detector

Pitfalls of statistics When we think about inventions and inventors, the name of Thomas Alva Edison, known among his friends as the Wizard of Menlo Park, comes to most of us. This gentleman created more than a thousand inventions, some…
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statistical test


The choice of the statistical test You will all know the case of someone who, after carrying out a study and collecting several million variables, addressed the statistician of his workplace and, demonstrating in a reliable way his clarity of…
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Hypothesis contrast

The same old story

Hypothesis contrast Every day we face many situations where we always act in the same way. For us, it’s always the same old story. And this is good, because these situations allow us to take an action routinely, without having…
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null hypothesis

It all spins around the null hypothesis

Null hypothesis The null hypothesis, you familiarly call it H0, has a misleading name. Despite what one might think, that improper name doesn’t prevent it to be the core of all hypothesis testing. And, what is hypothesis testing?. Let us…
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