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The law of small numbers

The oddities of small towns

Law of small numbers I remember when I was a child and went to school that almost everyone had a village to go to during holidays. Of course, they were other times and most of children’s parents had recently immigrated…
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Binomial probability

The cooker and his cake

Binomial probability Knowing how to cook is a plus. What in good terms you stay when you have guests and you know how to cook properly!. It takes you two or three hours to buy the ingredients, you spend a…
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hypothesis contrast

The tails of p

Bilateral vs unilateral testing Forgive me my friends from the other side of the Atlantic, but I am not thinking about the kind of tails that many perverse minds are. Far from it, today we’re going to talk about a…
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probabilidad binomial

Do not gamble

Binomial probability Have you been to Las Vegas?. It’s an interesting city to visit. Once. Two, tops. Casinos are an amazing thing, with everyone playing like crazy with the hope of getting rich with little effort. But, who do you…
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obfuscation factor

Lie to me

Obfuscation factor Today, you are going to let me be a little dirty. Dirty and piggy, as a matter of fact. The thing is that I’ve been recently mulling over something that I’ve noticed a lot of times. Sure that…
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