Diagnóstico del modelo de regresión

Don’t leave things half done

Regression model diagnostics. Once we obtain the simple linear regression model, we have to proceed to its validation and to the diagnosis of the model. The first case consists of checking that the coefficients are statistically significant. The second is…

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Corrección de continuidad de Yates

Horror vacui

Yates’ continuity correction. We often use approximations with continuous probability distributions to solve hypothesis contrasts with variables that follow a discrete distribution. In these cases, we must apply a continuity correction, the best known being the Yates’ continuity correction.

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Correlación simple

Its bark is worse than its bite

Simple correlation. Correlation is defined as the strength and sense of association between two random variables. Some of the most widely used correlation coefficients are described, such as Pearson’s correlation coefficient, Spearman’s correlation coefficient, and Kendall’s tau coefficient.

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Análisis multivariante

Exoteric or esoteric?

Multivariate analysis. Multivariate analysis is the set of statistical procedures that simultaneously study various characteristics of the same subject or entity, in order to analyze the interrelation that may exist among all the random variables that these characteristics represent. The…

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Tamaño muestral en estudios de supervivencia

By your actions they will judge you

Sample size in survival studies. When calculating the sample size in survival studies, the determining factor is not the difference in an effect measure between the two groups, but the number of events expected in each of them. The calculation…

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