Category Critical appraisal


Like a hypermarket

New Pubmed’s interface There is one thing that happens on a recurring basis and that is a real slap in the face for me. It turns out that I like to go shopping for food once a week, so I…
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network meta-analysis

The power of transitive property

Critical appraisal of network meta-analysis When Georg Cantor wanted to develop the set theory, he could not get an idea of ​​everything that would come after that, probably from the hand of mathematicians as dedicated as he was. I can think of…
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meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy

An unfairly treated genius

Critical appraisal of meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy The genius that I am talking about in the title of this post is none other than Alan Mathison Turing, considered one of the fathers of computer science and a forerunner of modern…
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hybrid designs


Critical appraisal of hybrid designs studies The unreal mixture of different parts of animals has been an obsession of so-called human beings since immemorial time. The most emblematic case is that of Chimera (which gives its name to the whole…
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economic valuation

Powerful gentleman

Critical appraisal of economic valuations Yes, as the illustrious Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas once said, powerful gentleman is Don Dinero (Mr. Money). A great truth because, who, purely in love, does not humble himself before the golden yellow? And even more in a mercantilist and…
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ecological studies

King Kong versus Godzilla

Critical appraisal of ecological studies What a mess these two elements make when they are left loose and come together! In this story, almost as old as me (please, do not run to look at what year the movie was…
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clinical prediction rules

The crystal ball

Critical appraisal of clinical prediction rules How I wish I could predict the future! And not only to win millions in the lottery, which is the first thing you can think of. There are more important things in life than…
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Doc, is this serious?

Critical appraisal of prognostic studies I wonder how many times I have heard this question or one of its many variants. Because it turns out that we are always thinking about clinical trials and clinical questions about diagnosis and treatment,…
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