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Fisher's exact test

A story of tea and numbers

Fisher’s exact test Today we are going to remember one of the most beautiful stories, in my humble opinion, in the history of biostatistics. Although surely there are better stories, since my general historical ignorance is greater than the number…
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fragility, stability and clinical relevance

Take off your blinders

Fragility, stability and clinical relevance Blinders are pieces that are put over the eyes of some draft animals, such as donkeys or horses. Its purpose is none other than to get the animal to focus only on the road ahead, without…
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nnt in meta-analysis

A weakness

Calculation of NNT in meta-analysis Even the greatest have weaknesses. It is a reality that affects even the great NNT, the number needed to treat, without a doubt the king of the measures of absolute impact of the research methodology…
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Little ado about too much

Critical appraisal of meta-analysis Yes, I know that the saying goes just the opposite. But that is precisely the problem we have with so much new information technology. Today anyone can write and make public what goes through his head,…
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Advanced search in Pubmed


Advanced search in Pubmed We already know what Pubmed MeSH terms are and how an advanced search can be done with them. We saw that the search method by selecting the descriptors can be a bit laborious, but allowed us…
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lineal correlation

An open relationship

Linear correlation We already know about the relationship between variables. Who can doubt that smoking kills or that TV dries our brain?. The issue is that we have to try to quantify these relationships in an objective way because, otherwise,…
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Binomial probability

The cooker and his cake

Binomial probability Knowing how to cook is a plus. What in good terms you stay when you have guests and you know how to cook properly!. It takes you two or three hours to buy the ingredients, you spend a…
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