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Corrección de continuidad de Yates

Horror vacui

Yates’ continuity correction Throughout the history of art we repeatedly encounter the known as horror vacui that, for those of you who were not so fortunate to study Latin in your young years, it is nothing more than the fear…
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Simple correlation

Its bark is worse than its bite

Simple correlation One of my neighbors has a dog that is barking the whole damn day. It is the typical dog so tiny it is barely a palm from the ground, which does not prevent it from barking at an…
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Análisis multivariante

Exoteric or esoteric?

Multivariate analysis There are days when I feel biblical. Other days I feel mythological. Today I feel philosophical and even a little Masonic. And the reason is that the other day it gave me to wonder what the difference between…
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Sample size in survival studies

By your actions they will judge you

Sample size in survival studies Today you are going to forgive me, but I am in a mood a little biblical. And I was thinking about the sample size calculation for survival studies and it reminded me of the message that Ezekiel transmits…
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The least squared method

The shortest distance

The least squared method The other day I was trying to measure the distance between Madrid and New York in Google Earth and I found something unexpected: when I tried to draw a straight line between the two cities, it…
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frequentist statistics

Rioja vs Ribera

Frequentist vs Bayesian statistics This is one of the typical debates that one can have with a brother-in-law during a family dinner: whether the wine from Ribera is better than that from Rioja, or vice versa. In the end, as…
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kappa coefficient

A good agreement?

Kappa coefficient of interobserver agreement We all know that the less we go to the doctor, the best. And this is so for two reasons. First, because if we go to many doctors we are either physically ill or very…
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effect size

I am Spartacus

Effect size with mean differences I was thinking about the effect size based on mean differences and how to know when that effect is really large and, because of the association of ideas, someone great has come to mind who,…
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measures of dispersion

Like a forgotten clock

Measures of dispersion with qualitative variables I don’t like the end of summer. The days with bad weather begin, I wake up completely in the dark and in the evening it gets dark early and early. And, as if this were not…
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