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de Student

The brewer

Student’s t distribution. Student’s t probability distribution allows estimating the value of the population mean of a random variable that follows a normal distribution when the parameter is extracted from a small sample and the population variance is unknown.

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tamaño muestral

A strenuous effort, though unnecessary

Factors that condition the sample size. The need to perform a correct calculation of the sample size necessary for a study is reviewed, as well as the main factors that influence the sample required to demonstrate the effect considered relevant…

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Fisher's exact test

A story of tea and numbers

Fisher’s exact test. Fisher’s test is the exact method used when you want to study if there is an association between two qualitative variables, that is, if the proportions of one variable are different depending on the value of the…

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fragility, stability and clinical relevance

Take off your blinders

Fragility, stability and clinical relevance. Fragililty index represents the number of outcomes in a trial that should change to reverse, or achieve, statistical significance. This index should also take into account the probability of that changes to occurr and the…

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Diagnóstico del modelo de regresión

Don’t leave things half done

Regression model diagnostics. Once we obtain the simple linear regression model, we have to proceed to its validation and to the diagnosis of the model. The first case consists of checking that the coefficients are statistically significant. The second is…

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