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case and control studies

From the hen to the egg

Case and control studies Surely someone overflowing genius has asked you on any occasion, with a smug look, what came first, the hen or the egg? Well, the next time you meet with someone like this, you can answer with…
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Berkson's fallacy

Generalizations are hazardous

Berkson’s fallacy We all like to generalize and statisticians and epidemiologists more than anyone. After all, one of the main purposes of these two sciences is to apply conclusions to an inaccessible population drawn from the results get in a…
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ecological fallacy

Chocolate’s fallacy

Ecological fallacy White, black, filling, in ounces, to the cup, powdered, in ice cream, with hazelnuts, with almonds, with fruits, milky, pure, fondant, bitter, in pies, in candy, in hot or cold drinks, etc., etc., etc. I like them all.…
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