Tag Hypothesis testing

sample size

A strenuous effort, though unnecessary

Factors that condition the sample size Nowadays, the teaching of Medicine and, in general, teaching at the university level, is quite well defined and standardized. And this is not only at a national level, but also at the level of…
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Fragility index

The fragility of the EmPress

Fragility index One of the things that amazes me the most about statistics is its aspect of soundness, especially if we consider that it continuously moves in the realm of chance and uncertainty. Of course, the problem isn’t statistics’ but…
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hypothesis contrast

The tails of p

Bilateral vs unilateral testing Forgive me my friends from the other side of the Atlantic, but I am not thinking about the kind of tails that many perverse minds are. Far from it, today we’re going to talk about a…
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null hypothesis

It all spins around the null hypothesis

Null hypothesis The null hypothesis, you familiarly call it H0, has a misleading name. Despite what one might think, that improper name doesn’t prevent it to be the core of all hypothesis testing. And, what is hypothesis testing?. Let us…
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