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frequentist statistics

Rioja vs Ribera

Frequentist vs Bayesian statistics This is one of the typical debates that one can have with a brother-in-law during a family dinner: whether the wine from Ribera is better than that from Rioja, or vice versa. In the end, as…
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nnt's confidence interval

The tribulations of an interval

NNT’s confidence interval The number needed to treat (NNT) is an impact measure that tells us in a simple way about the effectiveness of an intervention or its side effects. If the treatment tries to avoid unpleasant events, the NNT…
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An impossible task

Resampling techniques: bootstrapping That is bootstrapping. It’s an idea impossible to perform, in addition to a swearword, of course. The name is related to the straps that boots have on their top, especially those cowboy’s boots we see in the…
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The error of confidence

Mean’s confidence interval Our life is full of uncertainty. There’re many times that we want to know information that is out of our reach, and then we have to be happy with approximations. The problem is that approximations are subject…
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Clinical relevance

Life is not rosy

Clinical relevance We, the so-called human beings, tend to be too categorical. We love to see things in black and white, when the reality is that life is neither black nor white, but manifest itself in a wide range of…
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