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The King under review

Critica appraisal of treatment studies We all know that the randomized clinical trial is the king of interventional methodological designs. It is the type of epidemiological study that allows a better control of systematic errors or biases, since the researcher…
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randomized clinical trial

King of Kings

Randomized clinical trial There is no doubt that when doing a research in biomedicine we can choose from a large number of possible designs, all with their advantages and disadvantages. But in such a diverse and populous court, among jugglers,…
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Regular customers

Re-randomization in clinical trials We saw in a previous post that sample size is very important. The sample should be the right size, neither more nor less. If too large, we are wasting resources, something to keep in mind in…
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run in period

Steady… ready…

Run in period Don’t!. Not so fast. Before you rush out there you have to be sure that everything is well prepared. It is difficult to conceive that anyone gets to run a marathon without preparing beforehand, without sufficient physical…
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factorial clinical trial

More than one rooster per pen

Factorial clinical trial The clinical trial is the king of epidemiological designs. But it is also the most expensive to perform. And, in our times, this is an important inconvenience to launch a trial. Usually in each trial an intervention…
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Cluster clinical trials

The gregarious one

Cluster clinical trials Conventional randomized clinical trial is an individualistic design, in which each participant is randomized to receive the intervention or placebo to measure the outcome variable after each and compare the differences. This single randomization is complemented by…
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Intention is what matters

Intention-to-treat analysis Someone always does not do what he’s told. No matter how simple the approach of a clinical trial seems to be regarding to its participants. They are randomly assigned to one of the two arms of the trial…
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The consolation of not being worse

Equivalence and non-inferiority We live in a frantic and highly competitive world. We are continually inundated with messages about how good it is to be the best in this and that. As indeed it is. But most of us soon…
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clinical trials

The other sides of the King

Types of clinical trials We’ve already talked at other times about the king of experimental designs, the randomized clinical trial, in which a population is randomly assigned into two groups to undergo the intervention under study, one of the groups,…
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critical appraisal

To what do you attribute it?

Critical appraisal of etiology/harm studies It seems like only yesterday. I began my adventures at the hospital and had my first contacts with The Patient. And, by the way, I didn’t know much about diseases but I knew without thinking…
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