Tag Observational studies

Classification of epidemiological studies

Which family you belong?

Classification of epidemiological studies As we already know from previous posts, the evidence-based medicine systematics begins with a knowledge gap that moves us to ask a structured clinical question. Once we have elaborated the question, we will use its components…
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Propensity score

You can’t make a silk purse…

Propensity score … of a sow’s ear. No, you can’t. As much as you try, it will remain a sow’s ear. And this is because the characteristics or defects of everyone cannot be avoided simply because one does external improvements.…
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croo-sectional studies

That’s not what it seems to be

Cross-sectional studies I hope, for your own good, that you have never had to do with a situation in what you had to pronounce this sentence. And I hope, also for your good, that if you have had to pronounce…
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